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Coming Soon - Summer 2014
under a new publishing house,
with the other Men of Sanctuary!
Aloha Man - Book Five
The Men of Sanctuary
Hawaiian explosives expert Kamaka decides to change his life,
and spends a long winter revamping himself at Sanctuary paramilitary camp under the tutelage of retired Marine Scout-Sniper Adam Stone and Spotter Lucian Duquesne. When Adam and Lucian's lover, Lorelei, introduces Kamaka to Navajo silversmith Zachariah Black Crow, Kamaka knows the gods have bestowed upon him the greatest gift the earth has to offer.
When a little foster boy from town disappears, can Kamaka's loving heart
overcome Zach's darkness in time to save them all?
Available Now!
Erotic Novella
Blade Dance 
Wallis Gardner needs  her men --
and she needs them now!